Keeping your abortion secret

2 min readNov 21, 2023


I am extremely saddened I have to post this, but if you live in the Untied States, this can save your life, literally.

For the lucky ones that are not aware of the dire situation in many States, let me give you a bit of a background: with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, many States outlawed abortion almost completely, often without any exceptions for the health of the mother (physical or mental). The penalty are quite severe, including prison time (as an aside, rape penalties, if levied at all, are much more lenient).

It is also important to understand that these “pro-life” legislators don’t give a crap about the life of the born children or their parents, especially mothers. United States still is the only (un)civilized country not to offer a federal paid maternal leave, or free childcare, and many of the States that are enacting these laws, are cutting welfare support as much as possible. They also, often, support gun rights and death penalties.

So, let’s be clear: they are not “pro-life”, they are pro-fetus.

With that said, Tom Read , Cybersecurity Researcher, posted an incredibly helpful article (Thank you Trine Falbe for suggesting it). You can find the whole article at the blog. It is a worthy read.

For the TL;DR, among us, I am posting his graphic that summarize the 11 ways your can keep your abortion private. Please share widely.

11 steps to keep your abortion private in 2023: 1. Limit the Information You Share 2. Secure Your Devices and Accounts 3. Use Encrypted Messaging Services 4. Use a Burner Phone for Sensitive Calls and Texts 5. Use a VPN 6. Use Private Internet Browsers 7. Disable Location Sharing on Your Phone 8. Turn Off Your Personalized Advertising ID 9. Don’t Use Period Tracking Apps 10. Hide the Data Trail from an Abortion Payment (pay cash) 11. Look Out for Physical Surveillance Technology
graphic from Tom Read on

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